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Academic Services business.

AAWISDOM's Mission

is to enhance students to make special scholars of themselves and provide career opportunities in house. Future shall contain scientists, and engineers with AAWISDOM values.

For tech consumers

want direct trusting relationships, AAWISDOM provides transparent expert IT solutions to sustain stability and growth, but others lie and steal...

For students

do not want to strain nor have time in academics, AAWISDOM provides systematic solution to succeed, empowering to obtain good grades efficiently.

Seasonal Greeting: Happy Thanksgiving, Nov 23, 2023. God bless the USA. Thanks to Lord God the Creator.

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Arts of Ancient Wisdom will publish articles free at AAW Files, a page at AAWISDOM, and at AAWKnight Foundation. War on Lies, ✠ War 💣 on ☠ Lies ⚔, Inc also have publishing opportunities. For AAWISDOM platform, articles must be in the subject of science, mathematics, engineering, technology, and computers; and for AAW✞Knight Foundation, articles must be in the subjects of truths, martial arts, Christianity, education, and business or trade. You must identify yourself with full name, picture, email address, and phone number on your article. Please email me.

Science and Engineering Services

consist of complete computer services.

Software Engineer, IT Engineer, Programmer, System Administrator, Network Admin, Web Developer, Database Administrator,


IT Support

roles, whatever is required,

Complete Computer Services

available with years of real-world industry experiences. I have complete knowledge and solutions for all your needs in the field of Information Technology. When you retain me, there is need to go to anyone else.

All unconventional challenging problems

in the field of IT, Software Engineering, and other Sience & Engineering topics and issues, such as complex

mathematical problems


physics problems

, and

chemistry problems

are all accepted. Biologists who can’t learn physics, chemistry, and mathematics are not scientists but mere nonsensical hippies; any one who claims themselves to be scientist but can’t do math is a liar; software engineers with little or no mathematics background are useless; and mathematicians who cannot use computers are a joke [but I don’t think this case ever exists]. I offer very important services and developed great websites and applications for many businesses, individuals, families, organizations, large corporations, and banks in former WNY areas, now NC areas, and other states all over the USA.

Many IT companies and businesses are behind non-educated, or non-technical displined college graduate person(s) running a fake show. They make false impressions on their website by letting the visitor run wild with imaginations but not describing anything tangible at all. Real educated professional engineer is no where to talk to, but a call taker or lying business person. They only try to recruit real engineers or capable technicians after they seal business terms. Indeed job search web site is filled with fake company ads in my IT field. What is a true value of a company or a business, especially one that matters for clients? To be able to communicate directly with a real skillful, knowledgable, and educated person(s). Any challenging uncommon engineering tasks tackled here. Note that fake companies' websites do not specify their engineer(s)' specific academic backgrounds, specific skills and experiences, and specific services they offered on firm foundation. I have been around long enough to know how lying unqualified, unskilled, uneducated people operate in business world.

Christopher McGrath is a real educated professional with Science and Engineering disciplines. He understands all works and has abilities to do them by himself. Time-sensitive works may be approached with additional recruitments, which was done in the past. However, because I know all the works, I can find someone efficiently and outline the works step-by-step for that worthy person that even babies can do those complex IT tasks under my directions. Yes, Christopher McGrath is so good at teaching; he could teach little babies to be IT engineers and programmers for fun.

Academic Services

consist of

mathematics tutoring, physics tutoring, chemistry study, teaching all K-12 subjects, high school, college courses, academic mentorship, learning IT, computer science, computer programming school, various engineering majors

, and

high-level discipline sciences

for students of various ages. If anyone is willing to learn, Christopher the tutor/teacher will teach.

AAWKnight Foundation

click here to go to non-profit subentity of Arts of Ancient Wisdom.

Website launched on 2/14/2022 for "interactive" future AAWKF projects.

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Warren Buffet Berkshire Hathaway Classic Technique- stock trade education-8/17/2022: Stock Trading Education- cannot be learned from one book, video, schools, or anyone, but it takes years. "Being involved with Stock Market is necessary in the USA." AAWISDOM offers expertise in this area with years of unique colletive skills and knowledge.

Computer Security Lessons: virus, privacy, maintenance, configuration services-5/12/2022: Computer Security Education- cannot be learned from books, video, schools, or anyone. "Computers are indispensable" yet many people are victims of virus, slowness, and issues. AAWISDOM offers expertise in this area with years of unique colletive skills and knowledge.

All Cryptocurrencies/ Bitcoin: Trading, Setup, Lessons, Education, Information, IT Complete Services-1/18/2022: Cryptocurrency Services- ordinary people just can't do it without some experienced person to talk and learn from. "Cryptocurrency world" is undeniable future and shouldn’t be ignored. AAWISDOM offers expertise for complete cryptocurrency services.

TLS 1.3 Upgrade and Unlimited Multi-Domain WildcardTLSes-5/27/2020: TLS 1.3 is standard now. "Multidomain Wildcard TLSes" are extremely expensive now. AAWISDOM offers expertise to set those up to get them free and upgrade your apache servers to TLS 1.3.

Convert Microsoft Access to Professional MariaDB-12/25/2019: MariaDB Database is professional SQL database. "MS Access Database" will continue to bring you many disasters if your business is still using it. Many businesses spent a lot more than $900 to develop disastrous MS Access database schemes and use it for their important database applications. There are many reasons to list why your business should not be using MS Access. With this new specific service offer, AAW engineer will convert your MS Access database to MariaDB for only $900. AAW engineer has solid experiences in this and just did it again recently for a new client. AAW search engine is 100% functioning again, now that all databases are successfully transferred to a new physical server. All development projects resume!

Total Freedom Computing (TFC) engineering services-06/05/2019: TFC IT Infrastructure engineering services, is counter service to rip-off "Cloud Computing". Please read more about it at the link via html page or download PDF product documentation of TFC Infrastructure Service here. Incidentally, Pentagon is currently shopping for billion-dollar contracts with Amazon and Microsoft. I am shocked that most powerful military in the world do not have powerful knowledgeable engineers/scientists in house to create their own systems. Is the USA filled with useless ignorant idiots? No, but the hiring protocols practices in whether military positions or federal, state, and local governments' make an insult to many respectable intellectuals in the USA that only losers will apply and put up their time-wasting, insulting hiring processes. I am an American and I live right here in the USA with clean records! We might have doomsday situations like Terminator movie where whole military system is hijacked in near future. I really am ashamed about Pentagon shopping for these services. To continue, corporations and businesses put up with the monstrous costs because of the fear or lack of understanding about security, backup, maintenance, and scalability issues. These Cloud Services are constantly being hacked but the service provider companies keep the breach activities secrets. The costs charged from Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, and other clouding computing service sellers are extremely high. Tech companies were able to get away making so-much money selling nonsense because they control markets with anti-trust violations and other illegal manipulating activities.’s TFC Servers will rescue many corporations and businesses from being slaves to cloud computing scams, take away all your fears, and make you a proud owner of your own server and software applications.

Contact Christopher McGrath for web development, software engineering, programming, IT engineering works, or tutoring.
Phone: 716 240 7786;

Services are offered locally and remotely. Geographic location is in Greensboro, NC areas, but traveling and serving clients at various states in the USA. AAWISDOM Engineer never misses and swiftly gets to appointments on time-- even if it's 1000 miles away!