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Information Services organization.

War on Lies's Mission

is to inform, and enlighten people.


are only established via public information and discussions. Speaking truths is serving the Lord God the Creator. We will find the truths together, we will live by them, and we will fight the lies.

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✠ War 💣 on ☠ Lies ⚔, Inc

will publish articles free at WoL Files, a page at WoL, and at AAWKnight Foundation. . You must identify yourself with full name, picture, email address, and phone number on your article. Please email me.

Research and Development Services

will report the experimented activities.

WoL Information Collection Library

will store, compile, and discuss information sources of obscure, and repressed truths in subject areas of medicine, politics, social and cultural issues, martial arts, and socioeconomic topics.

AAWKnight Foundation

click here to go to non-profit subentity of Arts of Ancient Wisdom.

Website launched on 2/14/2022 for "interactive" future AAWKF projects.

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WoL Geographic location is in Tonawanda, NY areas, but traveling and serving people at various states in the USA. WoL agents never miss appointments and swiftly gets to destinations on time-- even if it's 1000 miles away!