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New Foundation: Cell Theory, Biology, Medicine, and Virology-6/02/2023: Breaking the Spell- Medical publication from Dr. Tom Cowan detailed the flawed lies about virology and firm foundation to more honest and true progress in medical science for future truth seekers, and better Cell Theory and definition to Life.

Understanding Heart: Insights into New Truthful Ways-5/29/2023: Safekeeping from Heart Attack- Heart truly is a special organ in spiritual sense compliant with biblical words. It radiates and emits Life Force created from water.

HIV-AIDS Investigation: Origin of Lies and Destructions it Produced-5/26/2023: Nobel Prize Winning Lies- Here is an allusive responses from Montagnier about his claim in obtaining “purified” HIV virus: “we [found] some somewhere but they were not of interest.” This is the most crucial interest to anyone. Lamest answer anyone can give.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman- Body Responses to Flu, Cancer, and other Illnesses-5/18/2023: Miracle of Body's Abilities- "Body can cure of itself of anything. We just need to learn to enhance it. Fear is most destructive ingredient in healing process and it does most damage in the first place."

Dr. Jason Fung- Curable Truths about Diabetes Case-5/17/2023: How to Cure Diabetes- "... beyond the medical solution, but lifestyle, and mentality of people who live to ascend in life."

Dr. Tom Cowan- Winning COVID Legal Court-case Strategy-5/09/2023: How to Fight the COVID Persecutions- Many businesses, and people face legal cases to pay huge fines or even criminal persecutions because of worldwide fraud COVID virus and virology lies. An engineer/scientist gentleman Marvin Haberland in German purposely went through all the troubles to set up standards with winning facts and documents for the whole world and lays the foundation for many other cases.

Professor Dr. Thomas Szasz- Evil Dangers of Psychiatry.-5/04/2023: Psychiatric Coercion- We begin with two minutes quick intro video by Professor Dr. Thomas Szasz. “Mental health profession today is a molestation (it’s intrusive). Children, old people, and prisoners are victims.”

Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Mark Bishofsky- Medical Expedition to Truths- Reasons for Illness-4/28/2023: Reasons for Illness- "Two doctors maintain honest discussions with compliments and disagreements. Shocking treatments practices forced onto by systems exposed.... Discussions point virus existence and vaccines to fight them is money scamming scheme."

Dr. Andrew Kaufman- Virus Fear Scam. Virology Report-4/23/2023: Virus Fear- "I have come to realization in controversies about viruses. I went deeper into this whole field called virology and discovered very interesting and surprising evidences. Virology is a scam."

Dr. Tom Cowan- Virus Fairy Tale Scam. Virology Lie.-4/24/2023: Virus Fairy Tale- "I took the side of viruses being not real in the world of controversies and virology. This video presentation by Dr. Tom Cowan presents ... proofs. Virology is a Fairy Tale."

Dr. Tom Cowan- Deductive Reasoning Guideline for Virus Investigation.-4/24/2023: Deductive Reasoning Guideline- "A guideline for us to prove or disprove virus existence-- very intuitive logical deduction. Key points to spotlight on deceptions in the languages, and communication styles they presents..."

Dr. Tom Cowan- Lies and Dangers of Vaccines.-4/25/2023: Challenge to mRNA and other Vaccines Doctors- "...the lies of mRNA vaccine and other vaccines, alluding to dangers and conspiracies...."

Galen Winsor- Nuclear Energy Fear Scam-4/23/2023: Nuclear Energy Fear- "Nuclear Energy is turned useless via radio activity fears. Regulations and safety controls make inaccessible for people."

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